Conference Sponsorship

Information on conference sponsorship opportunities, sponsor recognition, and sponsor benefits is available here.

We invite you to help end poverty and chronic unemployment for all Americans by sponsoring our 2016 conference.

As a sponsor of the conference, you will have the chance to: 

  • DEMONSTRATE your leadership and commitment to ending chronic unemployment and poverty in Chicago and across the country;

  • CONNECT with more than 450 thought leaders from across the country;

  • GENERATE new, innovative ideas to ensure everyone has the opportunity to access employment or the resources they need to get and stay employed;

  • CATALYZE coalition building efforts and federal policy advancement on behalf of chronically unemployed jobseekers;

  • ELEVATE your brand’s visibility and create positive brand associations; and

  • SUPPORT the development and growth of professionals within the civic and philanthropic sectors.

Together, we’ll create a shared national dialogue around the needs, practical solutions, and policy changes necessary to connect all chronically unemployed adults and youth to work and on a path toward economic mobility.

We hope you’ll join us as a sponsor and be part of this historic conference.